Hello, I want to welcome you to my blog. Back in the day, I use to be a part of, I guess what you would refer to as underground or independent band, Nocta. We did okay, and we had a huge following. For me, it was about success, as it was more about playing the music that I enjoyed. We wrote our own music and lyrics. This is the part that I will always remember and be the most proud of.


What will I talk about on this blog? Mostly, I will be talking about independent music and art. It saddens me every time I hear a story about schools taking art and music out of their curriculum. How are children supposed to express themselves and showcase creativity? For the life of me, I don’t understand how people don’t get that creativeness is found EVERYWHERE, even in math and science. The formulas that are used in these sectors were created by someone. Do these folks know that stifling someone’s creativeness is like killing off a part of someone’s identity? Maybe if art and music was brought back into the schools, young people would be more inclined to participate instead of sitting in front of video games or texting all day long on cell phones.


Sorry for getting off subject, but it just really gets to me. So, I will get back to the content of this blog. Basically, I am going to speak on any and every thing concerning independent music and arts, including indie and underground bands. Although indie and underground music has been around for a long time, the classification has changed over the years. Whether it is a good or bad thing is how you look at it. There are indie bands who play to strictly get sound heard. On the other hand, there are indie bands who are seeking to be financially stable.


If you know anything about underground bands, being financially stable is a long run, unless you sign with a major recording label. This is why if you ever start your own band, you have to first figure out what your motives are, and everyone in the group has to be on the same page.


I hope you enjoy what I have to say about independent music and arts. If you have any questions or comments, please let me know. Again, thanks for stopping by.