Reasons to Support Underground Music

If you know someone who is always talking about bands you have never heard of, welcome to the world of underground music. You might not know this, but underground music is a HUGE community. And this is one community you want to be a part of, and not just because of the great music. Underground music also has the best fans.


Just Like Normal Folks

When underground bands are touring, they are known to stay at fan’s homes. To put it simply, underground bands are quite accessible. You won’t find an entourage and 50 bodyguards around band members. In my experience, I have found underground bands like to hand around their fans, eating, drinking, and talking. To tell you how accessible and affordable hearing underground music is, you can see live four or five underground bands with a combination of over 100 years of music experience, for about $20 – $30.  Not to mention, you can get front row seats easily.

I know that when I go to underground music concerts, I might be bias here, but I find fellow concert goers to be friendlier. We are often chitchatting, talking about music and any other topic that comes up. I love talking with folks that follow a certain band around the world. For me, these stories are fascinating to say the least.

While I am on the subject, underground music concert attendees range from blue collar workers to millionaires. When you go to an underground concert, you will see and feel what makes this sector of music so special. It’s not just the music, not just the people, it’s everything. In my humble opinion, people who attend underground music concerts are more open and real. Some of the concerts I have enjoyed the most were underground music concerts.


A New Experience

People in the underground music community tend to be more open-minded, which makes a lot of sense. Underground music is not mainstream, as it opens you up to a whole new human experience. These touring musicians come with a vast different number of personalities and characteristics. This is what makes the lifestyle so special. Being a part of the underground music world exposes you to music magic. I already mentioned sleeping at strangers’ homes, but you can also find yourself at a 24-hour diner having a great time, just because.
I am going to be honest, being a part of the underground music scene can be a little scary and strange, especially if the only time of music and artists you have been familiar with are those that are well-known. With the underground music world, there isn’t a lot of money, so everyone is more inclined to band together to make a great music scene. When everyone is trying to get the best opportunity for their favorite band, so they will stay “alive” a little while longer, there is a more cohesiveness within the community. For me, this is what makes the underground music scene so special.

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