Nocta: The Making of a Band

If you are wondering where our band’s name, Nocta, comes from, it really is an interesting story. In 2000, I and some friends started a band. At first, all the band consisted of was a bassist and three guitarists. We rocked, if I do say so myself.

What did we name our band? When we first got together, we decided on PrimiNocta. PrimiNocta means “the first night.” I forgot why we decided on this name. In September of 2001, PrimiNocta grew, and we acquired a drummer, which was so very needed and wanted.  Since we are all about simplicity (I mean, who wants complications in their life?), our band, PrimiNocta shortened our name to Nocta.  Right now, our band has two guitarists, a drummer, and a bassist.

First and foremost with Nocta, we want to be original. I know that every band says that, but we really mean it. Like a lot of indie bands, we write our own music and lyrics. Along that same note, we don’t believe in and don’t fit into one genre. With any of our songs, we will start off by playing a nice, soft melody and end with heavy beats. You never know what to expect with us; we never know where the music will take us ourselves.

There are those who have referred to Nocta as a heavy metal band/group, and there is some truth to this, I guess. I know I said that we didn’t have one category to fit into, if I have to admit that we did use plenty of heavy metal beats. If I had to say where we fitted into the music scene, we were what was and still is called underground music. Underground music is typically thought of as music by a band that isn’t considered mainstream. It can also be thought of as a band with music that is controversial.

Well, I don’t know about any of this, but I will say, I enjoyed being called an underground band. Nocta might have been underground, but we sure had a huge following. Our shows were always crowded, so to our fans, I know I speak for the rest of the band when I say, thanks.


The Here and Now

Yes, we did disband. Like most groups, we felt it was time to move on as individuals. Will we ever get back together? Who knows what the future holds. Honestly, I do miss being part of a band, playing and creating cool music and getting the feedback from the audience. There is no better feeling than being on stage, jamming your heart out, and the crowd egging you on. Man, I miss it.

Even though we haven’t been active for a few years, you can still check us out online. We have a Facebook page if you want to see our albums from back in the day and listen to our music. Also we had a webpage about our band. I hope you find something you enjoy. As a matter of fact, I’m sure you will.

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