How to Start a Band

garage banYou and your friends want to start a band, and you are wondering what you need to do. I know a little something about starting a band from scratch, so to speak. While I enjoyed writing songs and music for my own pleasure, it felt better when I wrote and played with a group of like-minded individuals.





Moreover, playing in a band keeps you motivated. Playing in a band forces you to keep your musical skills on point. You definitely don’t want to be the band member whose sounds are jacked up. Another example, if there is a new song that the band wants to perform, and you have until next practice to learn it, you will be more motivate to do so, as opposed to you just learning it for your own personal reasons.


Birds of a Feather

Once you have picked out a soundproof rehearsal space, it is time to start auditioning band members. It is imperative that you select people who are on the same level musically as you are. If you get a bassist who is more experienced than the rest of the band, he or she isn’t going to stay around for long. Other characteristics of similarity to look for are: musical tastes, age range, and level of dedication. Lastly, make sure you look for band members who can make rehearsals.

To get started in looking for band members, advertise well. Today, there is no better way than the internet and social media. You can create a Facebook page or blog. The most important factor is that you have to make sure the ad you “speak” to who you are as a band and what you are looking for. When musicians are reading your ad, you want them to feel that it is speaking to them.

Keeping it Real

This brings me to another important point when advertising for musicians: KEEP IT REAL. Meaning, don’t advertise that your playing skills are all that and a bag of chips when you honestly know they aren’t. If you have little experience, or only a few years, say so. Believe me when I say this, it will save you A LOT of headache and grief down the road.  Also, you should be honest with the level of commitment you are willing to put in.

Are you looking for just a group of musicians to jam with on the weekend, maybe do a gig here and there? Or, are you looking to put a band together to be a serious contender in the music industry? Make sure to think about the answers to these questions and come up with honest answers before you place your ad anywhere


Last But Not Least

After you get the band together, don’t forget about hiring for other important positions, such as bookkeeper, band manager/agent, and marketing/public relations manager. Finally, you have got to come up with a band name that every member agrees with. Remember, your band name will be what represents you to the rest of the world, so choose wisely.

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